Open Heart

Open heart surgery involves splitting the breastbone, known as a sternotomy, and connecting the patient to a heart-lung machine which takes over the flow of blood in the body while the heart is stopped to operate on it. Open heart surgery has been performed successfully since the 1960s to treat blocked coronary arteries, diseased heart valves and problems with the aorta. Open heart surgery is the most common major surgery performed worldwide and saves millions of lives.


Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary artery bypass surgery or CABG is used to treat blocked coronary arteries by bypassing these blockages with grafts constructed from other veins or arteries in the chest, arm, or leg to give the heart a new blood supply.


Mitral Valve Repair/ Replacement

A diseased mitral valve fails to open properly, limiting the blood flow- ‘stenosis’ or the valve fails to close causing a backwards leak- ‘regurgitation.’ The valve can either be repaired or replaced depending on its condition.


Aortic Valve/ Aneurysm Surgery

Surgery is required if the aortic valve fails to open sufficiently (aortic stenosis) or close properly (aortic regurgitation) due to valve disease or if the aorta is enlarged or dilated (aortic aneurysm) and at risk of rupture or dissection.